ETG line

Eurotechnology group Limited Company was founded by merging several construction companies with powerful technical and material resources. Now the company is part of the CET management construction corporation.
The main purpose of our company is to perfome specialized works to realize various construction projects, construction of different types of hydrotechnic structures, complex of earthworks (hydro-technical and land-reclamation works). We have special mechanisms and machines adjusted to work in different conditions. Besides we specializing in construction various types of hydrotechnical structures, stripping, building reservoirs, dykes, arranging reservoirs, constructing of infrastructure, facilities, building roads and landscaping.
Eurotechnology group and CET management in the whole have powerful technical and manufacturing resources that give us the opportunity to realize projects of major construction work, housing, construction of logistics, shopping centers without using the other companies.
We believe that our professional team of specialists and modern facilities guarantee the success.
Our goal today is to become the number one company in the Ukrainian hydrotechnical constructing.